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Start the day on the bike saddle! In Kungsberget you will find wonderfully soft and wonderful flow paths that meander down Kungsberget with a view of the beautiful nature. Rent bikes or bring your own, the summer is best spent with family and friends in Kungsberget.

Lift-mounted articulated cycling

In Kungsberget you can enjoy family-friendly lift-borne trail cycling in the form of wonderful flow trails. Flow trails are something that we consider suitable for the whole family, precisely because it suits all types of skiers and provides a softer, simpler and more wonderful form of trail cycling.

The start of your adventure in our flow routes is easiest from the bottom of the Kungs8 chairlift. The lift, which is centrally located at the rental, takes you up the mountain where the adventure begins, from here you will find both green, blue, red and black trails that invite to really wonderful riding. All joints have a suitable slope so that you can choose the speed yourself. It is possible to go slowly, at the same time as it is possible to get a real challenge with speed and fan in the black joints.

It is easy to get to Kungs8 to start cycling. The lift is just a stone's throw from the rental and several of our popular accommodations in the Ski Lodge and restaurant Fröken Filipssons.

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Cross country cycling

If you are instead keen on cross country cycling in the magnificent forest, you can take a detour from our green trail, Kungsleden, then you will find several beautiful nature trails that stretch around the mountain.

Read more about the XC joints

Lift pass

If you have your own bike, you only need to buy a lift pass to be able to ride in our flow routes. You can either load an existing lift pass in the app My Ski Travel, via the website or book a lift pass when booking accommodation. Order an uncharged lift pass here.

Prices lift pass

Lift pass Adult, 18+ Youth, 7-17 years
Morning / afternoon * 280:- 220:-
1 day 300:- 240:-
Two days 575:- 465:-
3 days 820:- 650:-
4 days 1020:- 830:-
5 days 1205:- 975:-
Week 1340:- 1100:-
Season pass 2750:- 1990:-
Simple 50:- 40:-
Uncharged lift pass 55:- 55:-
Björnbuseland 50:- 50:-

* Morning: 10.00 - 12.30 | Afternoon: 13.30 - 16.00


  • If you have a lift pass from a previous visit with us, you can reuse it and recharge yourself. Use the app My ski trip or download via the website
  • Children 0-6 years travel for free, but need an uncharged lift pass with them.
  • All multi-day sessions only apply to consecutive opening days.
  • Season passes are valid for all the facility's opening hours.
  • The route card gives access to the Åå trail, Björnbuseland and Uppförsleden but not to the lift Kungs8.

Bicycle rental prices

Complete package 1 day Two days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days
Adult Fully cushioned 845:- 1590:- 2275:- 2785:- 3190:- 3705:- 4179:-
Muted 555:- 1035:- 1400:- 1770:- 2110:- 2500:- 2795:-
Subdued bass 495:- 975:- 1340:- 1710:- 2050:- 2435:- 2735:-
Children Muted 400:- 775:- 1165:- 1485:- 1790:- 2070:- 2360:-
Undamped 380:- 745:- 1145:- 1470:- 1760:- 2055:- 2320:-
Balance cycle 75:- 120:- 185:- 225:- 270:- 305:- 340:-
Rent other utr Full-face helmet 130:- 215:- 305:- 385:- 465:- 540:- 630:-
Bicycle helmet XC 90:- 145:- 185:- 225:- 270:- 305:- 340:-
Back protection 90:- 145:- 185:- 225:- 270:- 305:- 340:-
Knee - back protection 90:- 145:- 185:- 225:- 270:- 305:- 340:-
Goggles 90:- 145:- 185:- 225:- 270:- 305:- 340:-
Protection package * 240:- 410:- 565:- 720:- 875:- 1030:- 1185:-
Security package ** 75:- 105:- 130:- 155:- 180:- 205:- 230:-

* Protection package

Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, back pads.

** Security package

Security packages protect against unnecessary expenses in the event of rented equipment being stolen or in the event of an accident. Does not cover damage to equipment in the event of clear signs of careless handling, such as: scratches arising when riding outside a marked descent or in a car park. Deductible in the event of theft costs SEK 300.

Rent equipment

Do not have your own bike? You can of course rent all the equipment you need from us in Kungsberget. In our bike rental you will find bikes for children, juniors and adults, but make sure to book well in advance of your visit so as not to risk the bikes being fully booked. All booking of equipment takes place on our website.

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