Winter Summer
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Winter Summer
Very easy
Easy, for most skiers
Other joints
Medium difficult
Steep, for experienced skiers
Evening skiing
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1 Bus parks Closed:
2 Björnbusen Closed:
3 Björnbusan Closed:
5 Kungsleden Closed:
12 Kungsstigen Closed:
4 Slalombanan Closed:
7 Blueberry Closed:
8 Nintendo Closed:
9 Yoshi Closed:
13 New led Closed:
6 The velodrome Closed:
14 Forest lady Closed:
10 NM-banana Closed:
11 Slash Closed:
Åååleden 0.5km 0.5km Closed:
Three Lakes 16.5km 16.5km Closed:
Sandsjön 10km 10km Closed:
The beaver 5.5km 5.5km Closed:
Blue Mountain 8.5km 8.5km Closed:
Lomis 15.5km 15.5km Closed:
Berget Runt 8km 8km Closed:
Pumptrack Closed:
Padelbana Closed:
Basket Closed:
Beach volleyball Closed:
Kungs8: an   Chairlift Closed: