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Postal address

Kungsbergets Fritidsanläggningar AB, Kungsbergsvägen 51, 811 95 Järbo
Org. no: 556528-0434

Head office

Branäsgruppen. Drottninggatan 40. 652 25 Karlstad
Telephone: +46(0)54-13 26 00

Information about invoicing

Information about invoices to Kungsbergets Fritidsanlajning AB.

Connect to e-invoice

Invoice formats that Kungsbergets Fritidsanäljagnar AB can accept are both Svefaktura and PEPPOL. You can send invoices to us via our service provider Scancloud. We have no requirements for test invoices or our own communication agreements, therefore it is easy for you to make a connection request to us.

Kungsberget's PEPPOL ID: 0007:5565280434
Kungsberget's GLN: 7365565280438

If you have questions about connecting to us, please contact support at Scancloud.

Paper invoices - PDF

Invoice address for paper invoices:

Kungsbergets Fritidsanlajning AB
Drottninggatan 40
652 25 Karlstad

Requirements for content in invoice

It is important that all invoices sent to Kungsbergets Fritidsanäljagen AB contain the information below. If any of the information is missing, we will possibly return the invoice for completion before we can pay.

  • Invoice number.
  • Invoice date.
  • Which product or service the invoice refers to.
  • Due date/payment terms.
  • Invoice amount.
  • VAT amount.
  • Organization number/VAT number/F tax slip.
  • Bankgiro, PlusGiro, or bank account to which payment is to be made.
  • Orderer's reference code.