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Fun on snow

  • 8 attractions on snow
  • For the whole family
  • Discover a new thing every day

In Kungsberget you will find everything you need for a fantastic experience on skis for the whole family. Take the chance to be the fastest on speed skis, show off your tricks in the park or play with Mario and his friends in Nintendo Land.

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1. Nintendo Land

The most magical part in the whole of Kungsberget. Take the Ski School Lift up and take a direct left when you get off. This is where Nintendo Land begins, a wonderful forest path filled with famous characters from Nintendo's Mario games, which in the evening are illuminated with fantastic colors - an experience for the whole family.

2. Björnbuseland

Our popular family area with both animals and figures as well as different types of courses that the little ones can learn to swing in. Here we want to inspire the very little ones to have fun on snow and when the energy needs to be replenished, you have all our lunch restaurants right next to the area.

3. Björnbusepark

Perfectly located in the children's favorite area Björnbuseland. Here there are simpler rollers, smaller jumps and other things that make the moment on skis playful and fun.

4. Airbag and Big Airbag Landing

Airbag is our classic jumping cushion, located at the bottom of the park, here you can end your park ride by practicing new tricks. Big Airbag Landing, a large soft cushion with a landing that provides an even more realistic experience, is located in Restaurangbacken, near Ms. Filipsson's outdoor dining area.

5. Snow park

A gathering place for those who like to jump and play on skis or boards! Here we have collected three lines with different levels of difficulty so that both beginners and experienced riders can ride together. The park is also illuminated and is close to the west lifts, which gives the chance for many hours of exercise.

6. Humpback piste

Do you dare to try a real hump piste? An attraction for the experienced skier, the hump piste can be found in Kopparbacken.

7. Self timer

Who travels the fastest in the family? Take the chance and compete against both yourself and your family members. Our fast and comfortable chairlift, the Kungs8, takes the whole family smoothly to the top. If you do not want to go down a red or black slope, it is just as well to use the Ski School Lift and slope over to the track.

8. Björnbuseland – mini

New for this year! Let the children play around among the minifigures and try out the ski carousel. In the area, we have also built a number of barbecue huts to make it easy and convenient when it's time to eat.