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This week's activities

In Kungsberget you will find several activities that are completely free and have a drop-in.

Games Room and Nintendo Games Room

Playrooms are available next to several of our restaurants, Sofia's Pizzeria, above the Ski Lodge and in Fröken Filipssons. Next to Sofia's Pizzeria is also our game room with Nintendo Switch and the latest games.

STIGA Snowracer Challenge - New!

Come meet new friends and challenge them on our super fast snowracer track while the music is pumping in the background, a concept that suits the whole family and is guaranteed to offer a fun night. To get up to the track, you ride a button lift that is attached to the snowracer, of course there are staff on site to help and anyone who wants can try it. New for this year is that you can ride the STIGA Snowracer challenge and test your skills on a track. Everyone who completes it gets a snow racer driver's license as proof that they have completed the challenge.

If you don't have your own snowracer, you can borrow one on site, but remember to bring your own helmet.


Come and test your skiing talent for free! Björnbusecupen is an adventure course that contains slalom gates and off-road waves! When you finish, there will be hugs from Björnbusen, who will hand out a slalom certificate to the participants. Just like with our other activities, it is drop-in and everyone can join.

Meet Björnbusarna

Prepare for mischief and hugs! The bear pranksters move around the entire facility to prank and joke with all the children who want to.

Björnbusen on après ski

Come and dance with Björnbusen! Every Saturday at 15.00 he hosts an after-skin party in Karin's Burgeria.

Sara Hector ALS Challenge

Parallel slalom for everyone! No matter how much experience you have from standing on a pair of skis. The focus is on the joy of riding! During the competition, you also have the chance to challenge world champion Sara Hector to see how you stack up against an Olympic gold medalist.

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