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Information for resident guests

Here you will find useful information for you who are staying with us in Kungsberget. If you have further questions, you can find the answer in our FAQ or contact us via the same page.
To the FAQ

The linen set

If you did not book the linen set before arrival, you can do so on the spot for SEK 145/set. Call 054-13 26 00 to book. 

On departure, you leave the sheets in a pile inside the door when you leave. 

Check out 

Check-out must take place no later than 11 a.m., unless otherwise stated in the booking confirmation. Leave the key cards in the accommodation or alternatively in the designated box at your accommodation's check-in point. If you have a digital lock, you don't have to do anything other than check out via the check-out SMS and lock the door. 

Service points 

If something in the accommodation has broken or if you are missing something, contact us on 054-13 26 00. Most things can be borrowed from our service points. 

Find the nearest service point

Accommodations with digital check-in

You who have booked accommodation with digital check-in can go directly to the accommodation when it is time to check in. You open the door by keying in a # followed by the 10-digit code you received via SMS. The lock lights up green when the door is unlocked. During the remainder of your stay, it is enough to open and lock the door with the last 5 digits of the SMS. To lock, close the door, key in the 5-digit code and lift the handle. Check that it is locked by pressing down on the handle.

Sanding and shoveling

At each accommodation, the guest is responsible for shoveling. If you feel that the roads and parking are poorly plowed, you can contact us on 054-13 26 00. If sanding is needed, we have sandboxes on display in the facility to make it easier. 

Find the nearest sandbox


If you book accommodation through us, at least one parking space at the accommodation is always included. We also have a larger public parking lot next to the ski rental. 

Charge electric car

In Kungsberget, we offer easy charging with the EVcore app or ChargeNod for you with an electric car. There are 24 electric car chargers deployed in four different places in the facility. Four are at the Kungslodgen, four at the Ski Lodge and then we have two outside the ski rental and a total of 14 charging stations in the far part of the main parking lot. The charge is paid for via the app. 

Please note that it is forbidden to charge electric cars via power sockets/engine heater sockets as this can cause overloading and electrical fires. All charging must take place via charging posts. If you break the ban, you will receive a warning followed by a fine of SEK 5,000 if it happens again. 

Area code for the EVcore app, large car park: 1805 (16 chargers)

Area code for the EVcore app, Ski Lodge: 1807  (6 chargers)

Area code for the ChargeNode app, Kungslodgen: 1808 (4 chargers)

Lift pass and ski equipment

If you have pre-booked a lift pass and ski equipment and selected the exit, the skis are in the ski storage. You pick up the lift tickets at the same check-in booth as the keys. If you have chosen to collect equipment and/or lift passes from the ski rental, you will receive an SMS when it is ready. 

When checking out, you can leave rented equipment in the ski storage at your booked accommodation or return it to the ski rental. 

Book equipment here

Book or load lift tickets here


Do you clean the accommodation yourself upon departure? The little cleaning help be followed. Rags, cleaning agents, vacuum cleaners and mops are available in the cleaning cupboard in each residence. If you are dissatisfied with the cleaning upon arrival, call 054-13 26 00 to make a fault report and we will come and fix it. The fault report must be received by us no later than 11.00 a.m. the day after arrival. 

If you wish to book a place of departure, it must be done no later than 2 days before departure, on tel. 054-13 26 00. It is possible to use the RUT deduction, then state your social security number. We reserve the right that the final city may be fully booked. If you have ordered final cleaning, the rubbish must be emptied and the dishes clean (it is fine to leave the dishwasher running).  

Stomach flu routines

Should you suffer from illness during your stay in Kungsberget, such as a stomach bug, contact us for help collecting rented sheets, borrowing a washing machine or the like. Please keep us informed if you suffer from an upset stomach, so that we can take this into account, and clean up if you have booked cleaning through us. 

Ski storage 

If you have booked ski equipment with delivery, it will be delivered to the accommodation's ski storage room. The key to the ski storage can be found in the hall, usually on a hook by the clothes hanger or alternatively in a cupboard or equivalent.

Products with delivery

If you have booked the linen set, food bags, firewood or ski equipment with delivery, this will be delivered during your arrival day. Our goal is for you to have your delivery no later than 6pm.


If your booked accommodation has wifi, the password must be in connection with the router, either on the router or posted on the wall. Kungsberget is not able to provide support for routers that do not work. 

WiFi is included at the Ski Lodge and Kungslodgen. 

Sauna section – For guests at the Ski Lodge and Kungslodgen

On the first floor of the Ski Lodge, there is a common sauna section for guests staying at the Ski Lodge and Kungslodgen. In winter, the sauna is warm from 17.00-21.00. Use your key card to enter.

Gym  - For guests at the Ski Lodge and Kungslodgen

Guests at the Ski Lodge and Kungslodge also have access to a gym. Use your key card to enter.  


If there is smoke coming in or if you have difficulty getting a fire going in the stove, check that the kitchen fan is off and try opening a window. 

If the property has an ethanol stove, you will find instructions here.