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Get more out of skiing and have fun together on the slopes.

At Kungsbergets ski school, we have the joy of skiing as the basis of our teaching. Based on that, we adapt the lessons to our guests' age and previous skiing experience. The most important thing for us is that you leave the ski school with joy for skiing.

Price list 24/25 - Updated closer to the season.

Time / lesson 1 lesson 2 lessons | Fri-Sat 3 lessons | Mon-Wed
Group lesson skiing - 75 minutes


Time / lesson 1 person 2 individuals 3 people 4 people or more
Private lesson 60 minutes


Time / lesson 1 pass 2 pass | Fri-Sat 3 pass | Mon - Wed.
Skidlekis 60 minutes


Time / lesson 2 lessons 3 lessons
Group lesson Snowboard 8 years and up - 75 minutes


Choose the right level

Before enrolling your child in the ski school, think carefully about what is the right group. Don't choose one that is too difficult, but think about what your child can and is comfortable with so that the level matches your child's prior knowledge. Look at the map of the ski school meeting places so you are sure where to meet.

Good to think about

Prepare the child

It is good if the child has eaten and gone to the toilet before ski school starts. Be out in good time so the children are calm until the ski school starts, it always takes longer than you think to get out on the slopes. Look at the map of the ski school meeting places so you are sure where to meet. Also remember to dress the children so that they don't freeze and that some form of energy intake just before the lesson can be of great benefit to their stamina and will.

Dare to leave

Many people think it's fun to look at the child's training, but it may be wise not to. Daring to leave the child at the ski school alone, if you do not have children with special needs, is often very valuable. It usually makes it easier for the child to focus on what the ski instructor conveys, and strengthens the relationship between them.

Don't forget a helmet

Remember that in our ski school everyone must wear a helmet, children and adults alike.

Ski school meeting places

Find you at Björnbron, next to Björnbuseland.

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