Winter Summer
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Winter Summer
Very easy
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Steep, for experienced skiers
Evening skiing until 21 on Thursdays
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Cross-country trails
7 The ski school hill Closed:
9 Gammelflacken Closed:
10 Downhill Closed:
14 Björnbuseland Closed:
16 The tour Closed:
17 Vesslan Closed:
21 The transport Closed:
22 Nintendo Land Closed:
23 Fikasvängen Closed:
24 Busbacken Closed:
25 Prinsbacken Closed:
2 Familjebacken Closed:
6 Restaurangbacken Closed:
13 The king's curve Closed:
15 The corridor Closed:
18 Solsvängen Closed:
19 Solstinget Closed:
20 Stefan's back Closed:
1 Johans backe Closed:
3 Mittbacken Closed:
11 Sara Hector back Closed:
12 Training area Closed:
4 Noréns Closed:
5 Gammelbacken Closed:
8 Kopparbacken Closed:
The toboggan run in Björnbuseland Closed:
Western park Closed:
Big Air Bag- Western Park Closed:
Selftimerbanan Closed:
Humpbacks Lesser humpback Lesser humpback Closed:
Big Air Bag Landing Closed:
Lilla Skicrossbanan Restaurangbacken Restaurangbacken Closed:
C. Kungs8: an   Chairlift Closed:
A. Sydlift 1   Anchor lift Closed:
A. Sydlift 2   Anchor lift Closed:
B. The wooden chair   Chairlift Closed:
F. Västliften   Anchor lift Closed:
F. Västliften   Button lift Closed:
F. The two-chair lift   Chairlift Closed:
G. Björnliften   Button lift Closed:
D. The ski school lift   Button lift Closed:
E. Little Button   Button lift Closed:
H. Busliften   Button lift Closed:
I. The Prince Button   Button lift Closed:
Björnbusen's treadmill   Conveyor belt Closed:
The bus band   Conveyor belt Closed:
Kungslodge treadmill   Conveyor belt Closed:
3-seater treadmill   Conveyor belt Closed:
Natural snow   2.8km  Closed: