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Join us on magical adventures

Tobbe the Wizard & the Björnbusarna

This winter, the Björnbusarna and bestie Tobbe the wizard take all the children in Kungsberget on magical adventures. There will be treasure hunts in the slopes and witchcraft school in Miss Filipssons. Do you want to join?

Somewhere in Kungsberget, Tobbe and the Björnbusarna have hidden a treasure. To find it, you need to hit the slopes on a skiing adventure. All you need are skis, a helmet and a mobile phone. Start the treasure hunt, go to the intersection and answer the questions on the mobile. Can you find the treasure?

Join the treasure hunt!

Do you want to learn how to conjure as well as Tobbe the magician? Then you should visit a restaurant Miss Filipsson's. While waiting for the food, all the children get a craft mat where Tobbe and the Björnbusarna teach cool magic tricks with things on the dining table.

Troll with Tobbe

Train with Tobbe and impress the family with these awesome magic tricks