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News 24/25

Winter news in Kungsberget

News for the 24/25 season will be presented closer to the start of the season. Below you can read about last year's expansions and news.

Fun on snow

Kul på snø is an adventurous ski school where children between the ages of 5-14 can discover the whole mountain in an exciting way. We develop skiing together in Nintendo Land, our parks, the self-timer course and on the airbag. We practice balance, control and speed in a fun and safe way in simpler jumps, terrain waves and winding turns.

New park in Sara Hector hill

At the end of the Sara Hector hill comes the next news. A new mini park for children will be introduced and complement the other parks. This will be the perfect step for children and families to try when you feel safe in Björnbuseland. In the mini park there will be fun jumps and bumps, simple boxes and other exciting obstacles.

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The snow park on the south side is coming back

The popular snow park in Stefans backe on the South side makes a comeback for winter. Just like before, the entire slope will be filled with various jumps, obstacles and undulating formations that will take the experience on the south side of Kungsberget to a whole new level.

Ascend Snowracer Land

Next to the lift in Björnbuseland, a new exciting snow racer slope will be built. It will be a fun and challenging descent that the whole family can enjoy. The Stiga Snowracer challenge will also be arranged here two evenings a week, where children can challenge themselves on the course and have the opportunity to get their own driver's license specially developed for snowracers.


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