Winter Summer
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News in Kungsberget

With a successful summer behind us, we aim even higher this year with a number of news.


  • This year we have the great pleasure of presenting our cycling intro. The course is 90 minutes and is suitable for you who are a curious beginner with a desire to enjoy our wonderful trails down the mountain with control and safety. read more here

Kungsleden updated

  • To improve the flow, Kungsleden has got a completely new start and a new end. The change connects the whole trail and means that it offers fun riding all the way from the top down to the valley.

Brand new ski jump - Flipper (13)

  • From the top, in close proximity to the lift Kungs8, begins a trail that we believe will be many's favorite. It is a completely new ski jump with a really nice flow and built with several choices to suit both the beginner and the more experienced cyclist. The first stage is ready for the premiere and then we will continue to build on it during the summer.

New green trail - Slalom course (4)

  • Take a detour from the popular Kungsleden to the new green slalom course. Just as the name suggests, it will be unique and have a wink towards winter sports. Here you will be able to challenge your friends in bicycle slalom, the fastest time wins! The slalom course will also be perfect for you who want to train on technique in tighter curves ..

New red trail - Skogsfrun (14)

  • The velodrome became one of our most popular trails last summer and with Skogsfrun now comes a perfect complement. Skogsfrun will be a red single track with a little more focus on narrower trail cycling and more obstacles.

Upgrading black joints

  • Our black joints Slash and the NM track have also received new starts to improve the overall experience in the joints. In addition, Slash has received an extension after the jumping party from last year and can now go all the way down to the outdoor terrace.

New technical course

  • Of course we also have a novelty for the smaller riders. Björnbuseleden will have a new technology course, fun both for beginners and as a warm-up.


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