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What we in Kungsberget do

Our sustainability work for a better environment has always been important - in recent years, we have stepped it up even further. Here are some examples:

  1. Installed LED lighting in our slopes.
  2. Switched to more environmentally friendly HVO diesel in all our vehicles.
  3. Installed automatic lighting in all staff areas.
  4. Lower the indoor temperature in common areas.
  5. Installed heat pumps for our business premises and staff accommodation.

What you as a guest can do

Here are some electrical smart tips:

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave the cabin.
  2. Do not leave doors and windows open for ventilation.
  3. Do not adjust the underfloor heating, it often has a delayed effect when the temperature changes.
  4. Start the sauna in time for use.
  5. Consider the use of drying cabinets and tumble dryers.
  6. Only charge the car in designated charging stations. Charging in standard wall sockets can overload the network and cause a fire. Here you will find ours charging stations

Together let's help each other for the environment and so that we can see each other in Kungsberget for Sweden's best ski holiday for many years to come.