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Imagine playing paddle in the summer sun with Kungsberget as a background, after you have finished the match, it is only a short walk to Miss Filipsson's outdoor restaurant - a perfect relaxation on a wonderful day.
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This is paddle

A mix between tennis and squash. This is how you could describe the successful sport of paddle, which is one of Sweden's fastest growing sports. That the sport has completely exploded in popularity is probably largely due to the fact that it is so easy to learn and that it is possible to have fun at all different levels. Padel is also played in doubles and is thus a fantastic activity to do with friends.

About the banana

The paddle course is located right by Kungs8, with convenient walking distance from the rental, several accommodations and the restaurant Fröken Filipssons. The course is built according to padel standards and is equipped with lighting to be playable for as many hours as possible during the day.

Equipment - we have everything you need

To play, you each need a paddle racket and a paddle ball, which is basically exactly like a tennis ball but a little softer. If you do not have your own equipment, you can buy and rent it from us when the facility is open.

Rules - how to play

Padel is usually played in doubles, ie two people in each team. The rules are quite easy to learn and most of the time you can have a lot of fun together the first time you play.

A ball always starts with a serve where the server stands behind the serve line, bounces the ball in the ground and then hits the ball below waist height over the net diagonally in the opponent's server box. If the serve goes into the glass wall after the ground, it is approved, but if it goes into the grid, the ball is counted as out. You have two services on you. Once the game is running, the ball may bounce a maximum of once in the ground before hitting the net, but it may also bounce in the grid and glass walls, as long as it bounces in the ground first. You can also use the glass walls on your own side to help get the ball to the opponent's side. The score is the same as in tennis, ie 15-0, 30-0, 40-0 etc. The best of 3 sets applies.