Winter Summer
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News in brief

  • New technical course
  • Improvement of joints
  • The nature trail is developing


This year's news focuses on making our existing range even better. Among other things, several trails will be improved, the nature trail will be updated and the experience for children will be even more fun. Welcome to the summer in Kungsberget!

Improved joints

In the popular Kungsleden, we will place great emphasis on improving the surface. By excavating large parts of the last piece, we will create a straighter and more accessible trail that will be appreciated by our visitors. We will also refresh the trails in Björnbuseland and make them even more fun.

The nature trail

Last year's exciting novelty, the Nature Trail, was a much appreciated feature by the guests. This year we are making it even better and building a brand new obstacle course along the path.

Läs mer om naturstigen

Technique training

Both old and young, experienced and new need to train to get better or to hone their abilities on the bike. This is precisely why we are making the technology area outside of Fröken Filipssons even better. In addition to the already existing pump track, we are adding another technical track, complete with chips and teeter-totters.